This short film was created at Histeria Studio to participate in the Anima Mundi Festival. The desire to have our animation finally projected on the big screen has a lot to do with the theme of this film, which is the inherent human will to ascend and overcome our limits, always driving us towards the stars, beyond our physical capabilities.

My role
Illustration, animation, and concept art
Color Script
Cel Animation

Direction: Jannerson Xavier
Art Direction: Daniel Kano
Storyboard: Amália Lage, Vitor Tchaba
Art Direction: Daniel Kano, Diogo Aso
Illustration: Amália Lage, Victor Tchaba, Daniel Kano
Motion: Jannerson Xavier, Amália Lage, Gabriela Zanetti
Soundtrack: Jannerson Xavier
Sound Design: RedHorse Studio
Project Manager: Marcelo Moreno