Brazilian League of Legends Championships

Respecting the tradition of having amazing opening shows, in 2018 and 2019, the Brazilian League of Legends Championships invited Histeria Studio to help them define how those events, that were going to be streaming by millions of fans, were going to look like. We worked with the organizers to create the video content and illustrations that were used as projections in those two editions.

My role
Illustration, animation, and concept art
2018 - Act 1 Runes
2018 - Act 2 URF
2019 - How Bad do you want it?

Brand: RIOT Brasil
Direction and Screenplay: Daniel Kano, Jannerson Xavier
Illustration: Daniel Kano, Mateus Carvalho, Jackson Oliveira, Amália Lage, Jon Suguiyama, Anderson do Nascimento, Shun Izumi, Benson Chin, Breno Ferreira
Animation: Jannerson Xavier, Victor Tchaba, Amália Lage, Gabriela Zaneti, Vinícius Ricardo, Lennon Valinhas, Ricardo Drehmer, Thiago Steka, Natália Faria
Original Music: RIOT Games, Felipe Junqueira, Samuel Ferrari (mdois), Emicida(2018), Far From Alaska(2019)
Music Production and Direction: Felipe Junqueira, Samuel Ferrari (mdois)
Lead Singers: Alexia Evellyn and Emicida (2018), Far from Alaska (2019)
Sound Design: mdois
Project Manager: Marcelo Moreno, Danusa Beleze